Gladness Without Root

Gladness Without Root

Gladness Without Root

In Mark 4:16 Jesus said the first thing that takes place when you hear good news is a “feeling” of gladness. But in verse 17 He tells us the reason gladness leaves is because it hasn’t had time to establish a root system. “I mean after all you “just” heard it.”

You can only live off gladness until the reality of circumstances and relationship problems are staring you in the face. And poof, the feeling of gladness is gone and you’re offended.

Gladness has to be nurtured and pondered over and over until it takes root. Once it takes root, it begins to become stationary. It’s trying to graft itself to the lining of your heart. Let it. The process of hearing and hearing the same promise is required for gladness can take root.

Once you allow gladness to take root and become grafted in the lining of your heart, its then you know that circumstances and relationship problems are only “A” truth that are designed to offend you and not “THE” truth that is designed to set you free.

When your heart is established in gladness, it’s difficult for the enemy to offend. Remember, when you’re struggling with being offended, gladness is trying to be stolen from your heart.

Gladness and offense are bidding for a piece of your heart. When this is taking place, you know it’s time to meditate on the word. It’s time to let your roots of gladness be established. It’s here you can face your circumstances and relationship problems with the inward strength of glad.

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