Flash Drive


This flash drive offers three separate series:


  1. The Institute of Self-Worth (ISW) Volume I
  2. The Institute of Self-Worth (ISW) Volume II
  3. Grace For Addictions


ISW Curriculum Volume I

Series I

  • Borrowed Offenses
  • Healing the Broken Hearted
  • Your Identity Determines Your Self-Worth

Series II

  • The Power of Imaginations
  • Your Destiny in Two Words
  • Personality Profiles

Series III

  • Reflections of Glory
  •  The Horse and the Ship
  • Grace, Love and Righteousness


Curriculum Contents:

Included in the Printed Materials

  1. Sign-in sheets for each session (to copy)
  2. Teaching notes (may copy for students
  3. Test for each subject (to copy for students)
  4. Answer sheet for each test
  5. Certificate of Completion for each series (to copy)
  6. Diplomas for those who complete full course (to copy)


45-minute teachings per subject

20 minute review and test per subject


How to Use ISW A Curriculum for Life

  • Nine subject course (can be taught in three trimesters)
  • Different subject can be taught on daily, weekly, or monthly basis (to fit your time frame and adjust to your facilities schedule)
  • Review and test after each subject
  • Certificates of Completion and possible Diploma

Flash Drive with The Institute of Self-Worth Volumes I and II & Grace For Addictions


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