My Cup Runs Over


Living a Life of Refreshment

My Cup Runs Over is a twelve week discipleship program for churches.

In this program you will find your enemy’s ultimate goal: the loss of your identity.

He has a three-fold plan to reach his goal:
1. Get you to take an offense.
2. So he can break your heart.
3. Resulting in the loss of your identity.
God’s counter punch can be found in one word: WORSHIP. When your broken heart is healed you become dangerous to Satan’s kingdom.


My Cup Runs Over Purpose

Over the last 13 years I’ve conducted a survey in prisons with inmates that have attended our ISW classes.


I ask three questions:

1. How many were saved before they came to prison?
2. How many were raised in an environment where they were believed in for “what” they did instead of for “who” they were?
3. How many feel being believed in for their performance instead of their identity has contributed to their stay in prison?


Answers: 1. 83% 2. 80% 3. 80%.


Over the years these percentages remain about the same. This tells us where the problem is located, in the church.


My Cup Runs Over was designed for churches. There are 18 sessions that are 15 minutes long with talking points after each session. In this series I expose Satan’s primary goal for people and his three-fold strategy to accomplish his primary goal. Personally, I believe it’s a must see for everyone.


Pastor Vic Porter

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